Our Mission

Quality Employees

Quality Customers

Quality Products

Quality Floors

Our Core Values

Family: The foundation of our business is our families, serving your families.

Leaders: Pioneers and innovators in sport floor concepts and the delivery of top-shelf products.

Respect: Regard for one anothers feelings, wishes, rights, and abilities.


Service: Providing the best delivery and performance of sport flooring.

Attitude: Portrayal of positive and supportive actions and feelings in verbal and nonverbal forms.

Neatness: Being a good steward of the environment in the keeping of facilities and equipment.

Diligence: Manifestation of promptness and timeliness.

Excellence: The delivery of sport floor products that surpass the good and ordinary.

Reliability: Performance and products that exceed expextations.

Satisfaction: Fulfilling our employees and customers’ needs and expectations.