Maintenance COating

Extend the life of your floor with annual maintenance coats.

Benefits of Annual maintenance

  • Increases the life of the floor.
  • Keeps paint looking bright and vibrant.
  • Protects wood against damage.
  • Deep cleans floor removing black marks, scratches, and other debris.
  • Allows for paint touch up to be made and artwork to be added if needed or desired.

Pick The Finish That Best Suits Your Needs

Water Based

  • Faster dry and cure times
  • Retains natural wood color
  • Harder more durable finish

Oil Based

  • Less Expensive
  • Creates a vintage look
  • Easy to clean

Choose the Process

Boost and Coat

Water based system that uses a scrub machine to prep the floor.

Dry Screening

Water or oil based system that uses screens to prep the floor.

Multi-Disc system

Water or oil based system that uses a multi-disc prep system. It will have less noticeable swirl marks than when dry screening.

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